CoreComm's SpeedStream compresses text and graphics using the Internet connection over your existing phone line. This compression process allows a smaller amount of data to be sent, making the download time of your web pages and your online experience much faster than over standard dial-up. Customers visiting certain websites, as outlined below, may even see speeds up to 25x faster! As an added time reducer, SpeedStream stores elements of the web sites you visit frequently, which eliminates the need to re-download them every time you visit these sites.

Windows Requirements
Macintosh Requirements
CoreComm's Unlimited Dial-up Access CoreComm's Unlimited Dial-up Access
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7 Mac OS X (10.2 or later)/10.4 or later (on Intel Mac)
Pentium 200MHz Processor 128 MB of RAM
128 MB of RAM At least 25 MB of disk space
At least 25 MB of disk space Internet Explorer 5.2+, Safari 1.2+, Firefox
Internet Explorer 5+, Firefox, Opera  
Surf up to 6x Faster!

On what types of sites does SpeedStream Accelerator work best?

SpeedStream Chart

What content type is accelerated?

What is accelerated?